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Coastline survey in Martinique with Rivages application

Coastline survey in Martinique with Rivages application

Martinique has a coastline of 452 km, including 33 km eroding, 104 km accretioning and the rest in relative stability over the last 50 years (BRGM, 2013).

This coastline supports a wide range of beaches with a wide variety of physical, biological and environmental characteristics. These beaches contribute to the development of seaside tourism in Martinique, and are frequented by the local population as well as by tourists passing through.

Creocean carried out a qualitative and quantitative characterization of 72 beaches in Martinique and a coastline survey using the Rivages application developed by the Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility and Development (CEREMA).

The taking of more than 600 photographs georeferenced and dated during the survey of the coastline on all the beaches of Martinique allowed the placing on line at the geolittoral portal of a photographic atlas georeferenced beaches:


This study therefore provides qualitative and quantitative data on the beaches of Martinique (accessible by vehicle) and contributes to the establishment of a national indicator of coastal erosion, based on calculations of the coastline by CEREMA. This indicator will provide a comprehensive, homogeneous and quantified picture of the effects of coastal erosion on the territory.

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