Corporate Social Responsability

Giving meaning to our action

Lifestyle improvement and well-being related questions are societal preoccupations for both public authorities and individual citizens.
Territories must adapt to the society evolutions and its new needs in mobility, quality of life and risk management. Territories must embrace new ways of life and anticipate future generations’ needs. They are also faced with environmental pressures associated with dense populated area in urban and coastal zones, and the challenges of energy transition.

This period of major change offers a real opportunity for our territories to gain new momentum and to conceive together new models.

Keran’s companies have worked in synergy for over 30 years. They offer a global approach by mobilizing skills in urban planning and landscape, infrastructure and environment engineering, and relentlessly working to obtain a sustainable development for our territories. We seek to achieve the perfect balance between economic development and resource protection.

Our internal tools (Keran School, HUB, social barometer, company social network) position our teams  at the center of our company strategy and promote collaborative teamwork. Staff brings major contribution to the definition of the company strategy.

Keran is largely involved in the community through its engagement in multiple programs(partnerships, sponsors, support to associations …)

Since 2011, the group has signed and supported the Global Compact.


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