Comprehensive Resilience Planning for Integrated Flood Risk Management for Can Tho (Vietnam)

Prevent potential impacts of climate change

Client : Can Tho Climate Change Coordination Office
Financed : World Bank
Realisation : 2011-2013

SCE Missions : Current and future flood risk assessment and preparation of a comprehensive resilience action plan

Can Tho City is located in Mekong River Delta about 170km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The Can Tho municipality has approximately 1.25 million inhabitants; most live in the urban core.

Flooding in the Mekong Delta caused in the last 15 years more than 7,500 casualties, and damage caused to physical assets amounted to 1,5 % of the national GDP. In addition, extreme natural disasters such as typhoons and floods are recognised to be increasingly severe in terms of magnitude, frequency, and consequences over the years.

The project aims at the elaboration of a risk assessment study for the Can Tho area, the preparation of a comprehensive resilience action plan and the determination of priority structural and non-structural measures to provide sustainable flood management.

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