Elaboration of a national strategy of urban planning and integrated urban management integrating climate change adaptation and flood hazard prevention (Senegal)

Client : Agence de Développement Municipal (ADM)
Realisation : 2016
SCE missions :

  • System proposal for the integration of risks prevention (floods, coastal erosion…) in integrated urban planning and management
  • Financial assessment of the actions to be implemented for the strategy development
  • Concept note for the implementation of a new integrated urban planning and management in Senegal

In order to respond sustainably to flood issues in the Senegalese suburbs, the Government of the Senegalese Republic, the World Bank and the Nordic Development Fund decided to implement an urban development project called “Projet de Gestion des Eaux Pluviales et d’adaptation au changement climatique (PROGEP)” (Stormwater management and climate change adaptation project)

SCE is involved in the component A  “Integration of flood risks in urban planning” to identify the needs in terms of urban planning and management integrating the preventive aspects of flood-related risks and climate change vulnerabilities and to propose a short-, medium- and long-term strategy. .

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