Ex-ante Appraisal of the “Xochimilco, Milpa Alta, the Lakeside Heart of Mexico City Project" (Mexico)

Realisation : 2014 

Financed by/ Client : Fond Français pour l’Environnement Mondial (FFEM)

                                                French Development Agency (AFD)


Urbanisation over the past several years threatens the future of the heritage zones of Xochimilco, Tlahuac and Milpa Alta. These zones are especially sensitive to deteriorating water quality, the insufficient provision of clean water for maintaining the stability of the lakeside system, and the gradual disappearance of traditional agriculture (replaced by intensive horticulture), all of which could potentially accelerate their demise. In recognition of these challenges, in 2012 the Federal District government introduced a single authority to coordinate actions for preserving this lakeside area. In this context, the French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Fund for World Environment (FFEM) launched a dialogue with the Authority with the goal of supporting its activities. The discussions led to the development a project structure for planning and preserving the patrimonial zone and Ramsar sites in Xochimilco, Tlahuac and Milpa Alta, as key initiatives for maintaining ecological balance in Mexico City.

The feasibility study planned to:

1. Identify, detail and approve the project activities and budget based on the identification note that was presented;

2. Develop, with all the expected partners, the conditions under which the FFEM project was to be implemented (institutional set-up, coherent coordination with other partners’ projects (e.g. CONANP, CONAFOR, Federal District government, delegations, universities, civil society, etc.);

3. Provide answers to questions raised by the Secretariat’s Scientific and Technical Committee and by FFEM’s Piloting Committee;

4.   Compose a Commitment Project Note for the FFEM’s Piloting Committee.

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