Financing Local Development and Investment Funds for Lao-Cai and Khanh Hoa (Vietnam)

Realisation : 2013

Financed by: AFD

Client : Can Tho City Development Investment Fund


The AFD proposed to promote the development of infrastructure projects in Vietnam, financed through the Local Development and Jnvestment Funds (LDIFs). Outside of aspects such as the identification and appraisal of infrastructure projects, this mission aimed at strengthening Lao Cai and Khanh Hoa’s LDIFs.

Funding proposed by the AFD had two components:

1 - The financing of approximately 20 M € of investments through the Lao Cai and Khanh Hoa LDIFs;

2 - Strengthening capacities of these two funds.

The mission included the following tasks:

  • Assessing development activities and strategies of the two LDIFs;
  • Assessing their financial, institutional and technical capacities;
  • Analysing their project portfolios and the investments eligible for AFD financing;
  • Proposing key elements to be implemented with AFD financing;
  • Documenting project appraisals;
  • Writing Terms of Reference for the hiring of a Technical Assistance operator.

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