First Bus Rapid Transit line with dedicated bus lanes in Dakar (Senegal)

Facing growing urban development

Client : Conseil Exécutif des Transports Urbains de Dakar (CETUD)
Financed by : World Bank
Realisation : 2013-2016

SCE Missions : 

  • Restructure and prioritize Dakar urban transportation network by 2025
  • Prepare detailed design and tender documents, economic, environmental and social analysis for the selected priority line.

Dakar region counts round 3 million inhabitants and should reach 5 million by 2025. Facing severe traffic issues and growing urban development the city needs to quickly develop an efficient urban transport system to serve densely populated neighborhoods and provide a link between the outskirts, the city center and the harbor. In the framework of the Transport and Urban Mobility Project (PATMUR), the CETUD has launched this study.

SCE performed the following activities:

- Diagnostic of the existing transport network,
- Development and planning of public transport network,
- Detailed design and tender dossiers
- Preparation of an economic, social and environmental study 
- Preparation of a legal framework for the use of the core structural axes.


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