Kinshasa Metropolitan Area Strategic Master Plan – SOSAK (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Realisation : 2013-2014

Financed by : French Development Agency (AFD)

Client : Kinshasa City Hall


Over the last three decades, the city of Kinshasa has experienced  very rapid urban growth. Its population now stands at over 10 million inhabitants. This process of urbanisation occurred without a strategic reference framework. Given the pressing challenges related to its urban development and existing constraints on urban management, this strategic orientation document proposes a vision for Kinshasa’s development over the next 20 years.

Additionally, the northern part of the city (the most densely and least recently populated sector), was the object of a Local Planning Document.

The three main activities of the project were:

1: Development of the SOSAK (Strategic Orientation Scheme for the Kinshasa Metropolitan Area).

2 : Development of the Local Planning Document

3 : Raising awareness, training and capitalisation

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