Preparation of 24 regional water and wastewater master plans for the central region in Bulgaria

Client : Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Sofia - Bulgaria
Realisation : 2011-2014
SCE missions :

  • Elaboration of socio-economic and financial projections
  • Preparation of short, medium and long term Investment Programs
  • Environmental Assessment

The water supply and sewerage situation in Bulgaria is characterized by high level of water loss (national average 59.5%) and by insufficiency of treatment facilities (at present only about 36 % of Bulgaria’s population is served by Wastewater Treatment Plants and industrial discharge not compliant with legislation and regulations in force) .

Some of these issues are inter-related with financial and institutional difficulties encountered by the water and wastewater operators.

These issues led the Government of Bulgaria to prepare and endorse the Strategy for Water Supply and Sewerage Management and Development especially to meet the EU Directives, being a member state since 2007 and having to comply with the European Directive 98/83/EC on drinking water quality and the Directive 91/271/EC on urban wastewater treatment.

The main goal of the consulting services is the preparation of 24 regional Master Plans for water supply and sewerage systems, within a Short Term (2014 – 2020), Medium (15 years) and Long Term Investment Program (25 years) for 24 selected territories in the Central region of Bulgaria, through an assessment of the current water supply and sewerage systems, identification of investment needs and proposal of the best technical, economically viable and affordable options for their development.

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