Reopening of the rail line Nantes-Châteaubriant with the tram-train (France)

Facilitate flows between Nantes metropolis and the Northern outskirts

Client : RFF (Réseau Ferré de France)
Financed by : OBERMEYER, AUP
Realisation : 2009-2014

SCE Missions : Design and works supervision
- Project management and coordination of all related projects
- Detailed design ; Assistance with tendering and contracting for works contracts ; Approval of drawings produced by Contractors ; Works Supervision ; Assistance during works' acceptance and commissioning,
- Testing participation
- Design and works supervision of landscape development

Rehabilitation and modernisation of rail infrastructure over 64 km, reopening and construction of railway and tram stations: this is a unique major sustainable infrastructure project. 
Leader of the consortium, SCE proposed a global approach integrating innovative technical process to facilitate insertion in both urban areas and natural protected areas whilst meeting overall budget (160 M€) and a very stringent schedule.

This tram-train operation required to develop a specific crossroad priority system between passenger railway line and tramway line, development of open level crossings for the three lines : tramway, tram-train and freight.
This large scale project has involved over 50 companies in situ, over 1000 staff, some under professional integration (55 000h).

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