Sewerage System Development Project (Indonesia)

Client : Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA)
Financed by : Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) / Asian Development Bank
Realisation : 2017-2018

SCE Missions : 

• Wastewater Management Development Strategy (WWS),
• Feasibility Study for sub-projects (according to CDIA guidelines) for sub-projects retained as priorities in the WWS.

For each city: almost all city inhabitants rely on on-site wastewater management and proper septage management and treatment is not ensured,
Following specific issues are also faced:

  • Banda Aceh (220,000 inhabitants): very few existing infrastructure but some projects are on-going (such as WWTP)
  • Bekasi (2,700,000 inhabitants) :there is no off-site wastewater treatment system,
  • Mataram (400,000 inhabitants): existing WWTP, a septage treatment plant is not in operation.

In every city there is then a need for improvement of wastewater management. This will contribute to improve environment and benefit to population (especially poor population living in impacted areas). The overall project objective is to improve the environmental conditions in each of the three cities through improvement of physical infrastructure as well as institutional and organizational capacity. Considering limited cities financial capacity to invest and operate assets, participation from private sector will be considered when possible.

This project is actually the technical part of an ADB PPTA. A loan of about 450 million USD is indeed expected to be provided to Indonesia in order to improve wastewater management.

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