Supervision assistance for Non Revenue Water (NRW) reduction contract (Bahamas)

Facilitate flows between Nantes metropolis and the Northern outskirts

Client : Water and sewerage Corporation 
Financed by : IDB
Realisation : 2012-2017

SCE Mission : Supervision assistance
The previous objective is achieved through the implementation of the following tasks:
• Review and recommend improvements for the Baseline Survey and NRW Reduction Strategy prepared by MIYA;
• Provide the Water Supply Company with assurance that the outcomes reported by MIYA have been accomplished by reviewing the progress reports prepared by MIYA and conducting on-site field visits;
• Compare MIYA’s progress to the targets established in MIYA’s contract and against the targets presented in the Project Monitoring Report;
• Prepare quarterly reports to document the progress of MIYA and to note any concerns that it may have with respect to MIYA’s work and performance;
• Participate in mid-term and final review of the NRW contract which are carried out by the IDB.

The WSC service area in New Providence has approximately 60,000 active water accounts. The current level of NRW is estimated to be 50 percent. The high NRW percentage is attributable to a combination of commercial and physical factors.

A consortium of firms lead by MIYA Bahamas Ltd. (MIYA) has been contracted to reduce NRW in New Providence over a period of five years (from 2012 to 2016).

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