Strong of over 30 complementary expertise to address development and environmental issues with a global and coherent approach, Keran unites its staff around strong values.

Our human resources policy couple an ambitious social project together with the economic objective of the group.


Revealing and nurturing talents – Keran School

Diversity of careers and experiences of our staff is a great asset for the group. Keran School offers tailor-made training and programs that enables our staff to progress thoughout his/her career; it also  guarantees our professional excellency. The school is a powerful place for learning and sharing experiences.

Fostering mobility

Internal mobility (professional or geographic) offers the opportunity to reconcile the group’s different needs and evolutions with each individual’s aspiration.

Mobility scheme empowers each member of staff with his/her professional career path thus it is a key part of our HR management.


Promoting teamwork and synergies

Keran focuses on a collective approach for both projects and group’ strategy and relies on close-knit teams and a varied panel of complementary skills.
Supported by Keran global approach, collective teamwork is fundamental to our gobal and projects management.


Setting out conditions for commitment and fulfilment

We strongly believe that our staff’s well-being is essential to the sustainable development of the group and that trust is the foundation to any satisfactory relationship. We pay a strong attention to communication and sharing strategy, and to actively listening to our staff and offering a proximity management.

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