Technical assistance for the implementation of a natural disasters risk analysis and monitoring system (Djibouti)

Comprehensive Approach for Risk Assessment

Client : CERD
Realisation : 2013
SCE missions :

  • Analysis of vulnerability and risk related to seismic and flood scenarios
  • Development of a platform for Comprehensive Approach for Risk Assessment in Djibouti (CAPRA-GIS for seismic risk and QGIS for flood risk)

The Republic of Djibouti located in an arid to semi-arid climate zone is exposed to earthquakes, volcanic activities, hurricanes, droughts and floods, increasing social, economic and environmental vulnerability of the country.

The Republic of Djibouti is regularly faced with catastrophic events that lead to major material and human losses. These phenomena are intensified by the relative weakness of land development policies and the absence of building regulation.

The World Bank together with the GFDRR (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery), provide support to the Djibouti Government to facilitate the implementation of this strategy, through the construction of a modeling platform for risk analysis and assessment, based on CARAD approach “Comprehensive Approach for Risk Assessment”.

The first phase of this project which has been entrusted to SCE, focuses on seismic and flooding events, with the objective to contribute to the awareness of decision makers and general public about potential losses (human and financial), related to natural hazards.

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