Technical Assistance to the National Planning Operator Al Omrane Holding Company: Operational, Institutional and Financial Components - (Morroco)

Client : European Investment Bank / Al Omrane 
Realisation : 2006-2012
Financed by : European Investment Bank


Technical Assistance for Al Omrane Holding –the main public actor in the field of urban planning and social housing in Morocco – with funding from the EIB (71 M€, dedicated to “infrastructure – social housing”.

The financing went towards 13 locations spread throughout the Moroccan territory (urban plans and housing projects included in the “City without Slums” program, New Town of Tamesna). However, the working area of the Technical Assistance was broader, as it involved assisting the project owner’s work (by the Directorate, and also Al Omrane Holding’s central departments and local branches) in 3 areas: (1) institutional support, (2) New Towns, (3) Old centres. 

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