Water and Wastewater Management in Municipalities Bijelo Polje and Cetinje (Montenegro)

Client : European Union - Delegation to Montenegro
Financed by : opean Commission
Realisation : 2015-2015

SCE Missions : Provision of Cost Benefit Analyses

  • Review of the existing feasibility studies
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for water and wastewater management projects in the municipalities of Bijelo Polje and Cetinje
  • Financial projection of both utilities in order to determine the Funding Gap according to EU-methodology and ultimately determine EU-grant
  • Economic analysis of the project in order to estimate the benefit for the society
  • Proposal for the tariff system
  • Analysis of the long-term sustainability for the projects’ time span of 30 years
  • Identification of priority actions and investments, proposals for funding and financial alternatives

This project aims at contributing to the implementation of the EU environmental acquis regarding the Water Framework Directive, Drinking Water Directive and Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive in Bijelo Polje and Cetinje. This mission’s main impact in both municipalities will be an increase of population connected to public sewerage systems, construction of waste water treatment plants, improvement of water quality and increase in the percentage of the population connected to public water supply systems.
The general objective is to upgrade/build the water supply system and the sewerage network along with the waste water treatment plant, and have the entire system operational in Municipalities Bijelo Polje and Cetinje.

The specific objective of this project is to perform a limited review of the existing Feasibility Studies integrating new data collected during the mission, to prepare a Cost Benefit Analyses for Water and Wastewater Management Projects in both Municipalities and to provide support for informed judgement and decision making.

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