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"Over the past 40 years our goal has been to promote harmonious territorial development that benefits both people and the environment."

Yves Gillet, CEO of Keran

Yves Gillet President Groupe Keran

"Over the past 40 years our goal has been to promote harmonious territorial development that benefits both people and the environment."

Yves Gillet, CEO of Keran


Developing efficient and resilient urban environments that meet the needs and well-being of all users

By 2050, 75% of the world's population will be urban. The development of cities, pressures on the coastline, and changes in rural areas are the source of many complex challenges: new mobility, preservation of resources, risks protection, energy transition, obsolescence of infrastructure, etc.

In spite of the necessary densification, we must move towards more resource-efficient, more resilient and more inclusive cities, to ensure a better quality of life for inhabitants – cities integrating sustainable transport and shared public space, and that are greener with a diversified but more local economy.

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift where the ‘old normal’ has been swept away. The crisis caused by COVID 19 will have an impact on the development and interconnection of territories. We need to think outside the box and look for new solutions in order to bring about a positive change.

The role of the designer and the engineer is to overcome constraints and invent new possibilities. Keran gathers all the required expertise and works closely with local stakeholders to co-build projects that are centred on uses and that meet the expectations of its public and private clients, in France and abroad.


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Our vision

The companies of the Keran group – SCE, Créocéan, Groupe Huit and Naomis – and their subsidiaries are bound and driven by the same approach. These fundamentals were laid nearly 40 years ago, through a bold and innovative decision to bring urban planning and landscape, infrastructure engineering, environment and digital expertise together within one group.

The mobilisation of such complementary expertise enables a cross-disciplinary project vision and facilitates the integration of all aspects to find better solutions in all kinds of different contexts and design resilient environments that satisfy the needs and well-being of users.


Keran's global approach

We have developed a project management process called "Keran Global Approach" to better address the complexity of projects. This method is based on three main concepts :

# Gathering the right expertise at the right time
# Participative collaboration with stakeholders
# Responding as closely as possible to clients’ and users’ needs
More about our approach


Innovative vision and proactive R&D

Innovation and R&D are at the very core of the group's development and are essential to our corporate culture. Research projects, development of new tools and participation in business networks… over the years, we have succeeding in perpetuatinge the spirit of innovation, and a taste for sharing ideas while managing to stay curious.
Having a broad range of talents is decisive for our innovation capacity, our competitiveness and our attractiveness. This complementarity offers us a great range of insights which is a source of creativity and innovative solutions.
More about our Innovation and R&D policy



Keran and its subsidiaries have been operating worldwide for over 40 years, with experience extending to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Europe. In 2020, international business accounted for 20% of Keran's revenue and we continue to see significant potential in the global market, considering the importance of natural risk management and the high infrastructure needs in emerging countries.
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Yves Gillet President Groupe Keran


CSR, the driving force behing our strategy and actions

As a company dedicated to sustainable territorial development, Keran is deeply committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. CSR is an integral part of our DNA and strategy.

A company with strong local commitments.
The goal of a firm is not merely economic ; companies play an important role in their territory where they have environmental impacts and a social and societal role. They are the guarantee of social stability and must commit to developing their business in a fair and honest manner. Keran works actively alongside several local charities either through financial partnerships or skills sponsorship.

The force and wealth of Keran lies in our people.
Our employees are the very foundation of our success, our performance and the expertise that we bring to our clients. They are central to the company's business and the group is developing numerous schemes and tools to encourage collaborative work so that every member of staff can express ideas and grow (Keran School, HUB, social barometer, corporate social network, etc.)



As the foundation of our culture and business, the group's values give meaning to the daily actions of our employees.
    Delivering solutions that fit the context. Being attentive to needs.
    Proximity with clients and partners, as well as an open-minded and attentive attitude are at the very centre of our approach. Via our network of local branches we can better understand local contexts and facilitate collaborative project development with local stakeholders. Our project managers are your key contacts and they can mobilise the right expertise at the right time.
    Daring to innovate and using our employees' creativity to develop new markets, are the drivers of our development. Our innovation policy, which is deeply rooted in our commitment to tackle technical and scientific challenges, is supported by our employees, in particular within our ideas lab, the Hub.
    We pay great attention to the professionalism of our work, guaranteed by the financial independence of our group. We can build trusting relationships with our clients and partners because of the integrity and transparency of our contractual relationships.
    The global approach brings different expertise together and enhances our employees' skills. Day-to-day, we are committed to revealing talent and helping it grow within the group, by offering a wide range of career paths and professional training, particularly through Keran's in-house school.
    Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our firms, and they are committed to high quality work, from design stage to completion. A company's mission is not only economic, which is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is central to our strategy.